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Suzhou Olympic Sports Center Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Times Group, Suzhou Olympic Sports Center is located in the core area of Hudong in Suzhou Industrial Park, adjacent to the national 5A Jinji Lake scenic spot, from Xingtang Street in the west, Xingti Street in the east, Zhongxin Avenue in the north, Xietang River in the south, with a total planned area of nearly 60 hectares. With a total construction area of about 386,000 square meters, it is currently the largest modern sports venue with the best environment in Suzhou, a major livelihood project for the park to continuously improve regional public sports services, an important place for Suzhou citizens' sports, culture and entertainment activities and the main venue for introducing large-scale events and performing arts activities, and a multi-functional ecological Grade A sports center integrating sports competition, cultural performances, leisure and fitness, commercial entertainment and sports training.

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