Digital Portal Solution
01 Content Management System
Multi-language, multi-platform, unified, fully dynamic website content management system
Switching the regional language
About Us
We are an integrated internet service provider focused on digital solutions. We are committed to providing solutions for digital platforms, digital transformation, and digital operations
O nas
Jako dostawca zaawansowanej usług internetowych, skupiamy się na rozwiązaniach digitalizacji. Zajmujemy się rozwiązaniami dla centrów digitalnych, transformacji biznesowej w cyfrowym sprzymierze i operacji cyfrowych
Sobre nosotros
Somos un proveedor de servicios completo en línea concentrado en soluciones digitales. Estamos dedicados a las soluciones para centros digitales, la transformación digital y la gestión digital
О нас
Мы являемся комплексным интернет-сервисом, основанным на цифровых решениях. Мы dedicamosся разработкой решений для цифровых центров, перехода на цифровую экономику и цифровой операционной стадии
우리에 대하여
우리는 디지털 솔루션에 전념하는 인터넷 종합 서비스 업체입니다. 우리는 디지털 중대, 디지털 전환, 디지털 운영의 솔루션에 전념합니다
02 Shopping Center System
Global payment, global logistics, payment security, and point malls
03 KB Knowledge Management System
Powerful editing capabilities to provide diverse, concise and efficient instructions and offer instant problem solutions for globalized layouts
04 Community System
Build a community system in a digital portal solution to increase customer stickiness and enhance brand influence
05 Low-code Topics System
Visual development tools and components that enable easier and faster creation of a subject
06 Membership System
Construct a unified customer system for digital portal business scenarios such as official website, mall, community, KB, etc. and establish closer and personalized customer relationships to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction
07 Data Analysis System
A CDP data platform owned by yourself, integrating and consolidating data from multiple sources, that can continuously collect, consolidate and analyze customer access data to optimize marketing and business decisions
08 Digital Assets System
Construct unified digital asset management for images, videos, documents, etc.
Digital Operation Solutions
KGU's digital operational solutions contribute to collaboration between technical operation and marketing operation. The stability and efficiency of technical operation and maintenance provide a strong foundation for marketing, in which situation marketing operation carries out marketing activities more intelligently and accurately through the use of data and technology.
Provide flexible server configurations based on customer scenarios to ensure project scalability, continuously maintain high availability, high concurrency, disaster recovery and backup capabilities, and ensure smooth global access
Prevent server operation and maintenance risk in advance
Real-time monitoring on large visualization screen
Real-time of server metrics
Real-time monitoring of application operation data
Real-time fault alarm, fast solution, zero customer perception
Guarantee 99.99% application online rate
KGU digital centor is of great help to integrate organization, process and technology and improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency, which can support and enhance marketing activities
Help Google Ads enhanced conversion intelligence
Expand the coverage with high efficiency through publishing WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, and Twitter with one click
Provide advertising optimization guidance advice to improve the effectiveness of advertising with professional Google Ads team
Help websites gain better visibility in search engines and attract more targeted traffic with comprehensive SEO strategies
Improve the efficiency of content operation (under development) through AI operation assistant based on LLM
Digital Transformation Solutions

Our Customers

From governmental state-owned enterprises to Fortune 500 companies

Help clients of all types and sizes to become digital leaders

Cooperative Partners

In 2022,KGU it became a strategic partner of AWS China Region and has provided digital transformation solutions for many overseas enterprises

Becoming an Alibaba Cloud Diamond Partner in 2013, KGU helps customers build and deliver end-to-end business solutions to drive traditional enterprise cloud transformation

In 2019, KGU it became a HUAWEI CLOUD Gold Elite Service Provider, providing continuous and stable data protection to customers

In 2022, KGU established a close partnership with Tianyi Cloud, which has forged a solid cloud security defense line for many state-owned enterprises and governments

In 2021, a close partner was established with Couchbase, and KGU built Modern Distributed NoSQL based on Couchbase

2021 Establish an intimate partnership with Firebase, which works with Firebase to solve complex challenges and optimize the experience of your applications

2020 Close partnership with Azure,KGU and Azure in deep cooperation to create future-proof secure cloud solutiond for custmers in on-premises,hybrid,multicloud or edge environments

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Provide customers with efficient and high-quality products and services

10+ Fortune 500 companies
50+ Clients of listed companies
2500+ Number of customers served
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Room #301, Building 8, Creative Industry Park, No. 328 Xinghu Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, west of Microsoft China
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