Kong gu means"extremely modest." It is from Li Er’s《LAOZI》in Pre-Qin Dynasty"I":

"Simple like uncarved, Broad-minded like valley. "

We are focus on the needs of your enterprise brand construction and good at Systematic solutions of the brand communication on Internet and mobile Internet.

1、We have the international vision, independent creative thought and the humility.We can provide the influential and initial brand solutions because we have many effective solutions on brand strategy idea, framework and culture;
2、Our design is not passive and single because of the concept of brand market .We pay attention to the effect and the user experience;

3、We notice the coordinated development of front-end visual communication, user experience and Flash/3D interactive development of technology. We can convey the idea perfectly by technology and make a successful brand planning, then our technology products can truly service the people;

4、We have Summarized a set of practical professional process and project management experience through more than three hundred project experience. The W3C standards and Programming specification are integrated into the details of the project implementation. Then by importing the quality control idea and the adaptive Control method (just as all screen sizes and different browsers ),our customers can get an unified ,standard and efficient visual communication.